Saturday, July 09, 2011

Betty Ford

Betty ford Death ....Betty Ford died on July 8, 2011 from natural causes. Funeral ceremonies were scheduled for Palm Springs, California and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rosalyn Carter, Lynne Cheney, Cokie Roberts and others chosen by Ford are scheduled to give eulogies.
Betty Ford was an out spoken woman who spoke her mind and let the chips fall where they might.
When Ford lost the election to Carter Betty had to speak for him because he was crying so hard he couldn't speak. Betty was up to the job even if her husband wasn't.
Gerald Ford was never elected to the office of the vice president or the president. he was appointed when Nixon resigned in disgrace and promptly pardoned Mr. Nixon. Many felt he made a deal to get to be president and we didn't forget when he stood for election.
We might have elected Betty if she had run.

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