Saturday, July 09, 2011


Sammy sold 32 roosters at Huntville. They were all bantam roosters and I thought he wouldn't be able to give them away but he got a dollar a piece. I have not idea why some one want 32 bantam roosters Maybe he thougght they were puletts.
Fleta brought me tomatoes from her garden today. She brought me a portable phone, mine had died.
Hot here today.


Sister--Three said...

Tomatoes sound good.
Maybe want a be farmers bought the roosters.

Sister--Three said...

In one race Siggie was supposed to be doing the breast stroke but she thought she was supposed to do the back stroke. She swam all the way across and came in first place. She climbed out and the judge said disqualified. Siggie said oh, no I won! Laura had to get out there quick because Siggie WAS mad because she did not get her ribbon.