Friday, July 08, 2011

kieth and kin, Barzillia Powell

Years ago when we first started doing family research I came across the name Barzillia Powell and told Fleta that name is so unusual we should be able to find who he was easily now 20 some odd years later finally we know who he was. family research is so much fun, Peter was the son of John Powell brother to our KY. Charles Powell the second......Will of Peter Powell, Sr.
Book 1, Pages 12-13

In the name of God, Amen. I, Peter Powell, of Macon County and the State of Missouri being greatly advanced in age and calling to mind the uncertainty of the time it may please God to call for me, though thanks to His goodness, I am of sound mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament. After paying all my debts, I give to my wife, Julia Powell, Two Hundred Acres of land, the place that I now live on for her life-time, and then to her two children, Martha Jane Powell and James Washington Powell. Also, I give to my wife, Julia Powell and Martha Jane and James W. Powell all my beds and bed-clothing, and all the household and kitchen furniture to be equally divided between the three, and also, One Year Provision.

I give Martha Brown One Hundred Dollars.

I give the balance of my property to my oldest children, Henry Powell, Barzillia Powell, Mary Harrelson, John Powell, William Powell, and my grandson, John Allen Powell, to be equally divided among them.

This signed and sealed this 18th day of June 1849.

Peter Powell X his mark

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Sister--Three said...

Leah's 10 sons produced a lot o male Powells...well, why is Clayton the only one in the Powell dna study. Guess she produced a lot of poor offspring that don't do dna. ha