Friday, July 08, 2011

prickly pear idea

The big story on TV after finding that Casey Anthony would be released next Wednesday was where will she go? Here is a new flash for you her parents will pick her up at the curb.

Today is Friday and I see the great rich men in government are going to cut my social security and reduce my medical benefits to balance the budget so they can still go around the world waging war and maintain their pay scale.

President Barack Obama will be a one term president if he goes along with this bright idea. The truth be told a lot of Anthony wiener's ship mates may find their selves joining him in the unemployment line soon.

I expect Obama would find him self with a serous opponent in the primary from his own party under these circumstances. He best study the presidency of Lydon Johnson.
Obama said a few days ago he wouldn't mind being a one term president. we wouldn't mind it either.

(1) Over 34 million retired workers currently receive Social Security benefits -- averaging a modest $14,100 a year.
(2) In 2008, 23% of retirees receiving Social Security depended on it for all or almost all of their income.
(3) According to the AARP, Social Security kept 36% of seniors out of poverty in 2008.
(4) Reducing Social Security benefits would cause many seniors to have to choose between food and drugs and rent and heat.
(5) Ninety-five percent of seniors -- almost 37 million in 2008 -- get their health coverage through Medicare.
(6) Without Medicare, seniors -- many of whom live off of Social Security -- would have to turn to the costly and uncertain private market for health insurance.
(7) Social Security and Medicare are extremely successful social insurance programs that permit America’s seniors to retire with dignity and security after a lifetime of hard work, and relieve young American families of worry about their own futures, allowing freedom of opportunity in America.


Sister--Three said...

I hope some of that senior stuff is still available when I get there.

Betty said...

And won't those "rich men" be surprised after they cut social security and it doesn't change a thing? Because, Social Security doesn't impact the economy, the debt or deficit. It is self-sustaining.