Tuesday, August 23, 2011

nets for chickens

Sammy gets the neighbor boys to catch his chickens . The separated the banty hens from the bigger chickens and the boys don't know a hen from a rooster. Sammy is learning but he missed two of his banty pullets.

Last spring I sent SAM to the hock shop to buy a fish net . My plan was to use it to catch chickens. It had a rubber net and I was disgusted thinking it was no good. I am still able to learn and by studying I figured out what I was doing wrong. I can net a chicken now with one swipe!

I told him i was going to net the two banty hens and he said that is too much work. I said that is what being alive means. You need to do something on this earth if you don't you might as well be dead.

I got the net and caught the two pullets and he came and moved them to the other pen. He said when I sell these big chickens I want you out here helping and I told him OK, as long if its cool weather and if you will pay me like you do the boys.LOL

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