Friday, November 04, 2011

poor reunion

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(Tune, Auld Lang Syne.)

Three men once stood where now we stand,

On this Xew England shore;
Self-exiled to a stranger land —

Three men and they were Poor !


Three men and they were Poor my friends;

Three men and they were Poor;
Self-exiled to a stranger land —

Three men and they were Poor !

A recitation entitled " the Pride of Battery B," by
F. H. Gassoway, was rendered by Mrs, Daisy Cutler
Porter, of Boston.

On exhibition, Mr. Edward P. Poore, of Lawrence,
had, and for sale, an excellent photograph of a pen and
ink drawing of the birthplace of Gen. Enoch Poore,
of Revolutionary fame. This house stands on the
homestead of the General's great grandfather Daniel
Poore, the immigrant ancestor, but nearer the Shaw-
shin than the first house on the farm stood. Mr. John
M. Poor, No. 20 Park St., Haverhill, presiding
officer of the day, who is very much interested in the
general, and has collected much information relating
to him, has for sale photographs of him from a paint-
ing by Kosciusko, also of his advertisement or order
issued at Yalley Forge, Jan. 21st, 1778, to deserters
from the army, which he exhibited, and sells them at
twenty-five cents each, also photographs of Dr.
Daniel W. Poor at the same price.

At this reunion a large party repaired to the out-
door audience seats in the grove, where a family group
photograph was successfully taken by Geo. W. AY.
Bartlett, artist, Haverhill, Mass., Avho sells it at fifty
cents each. The photograph was a decided success,
and is now highly prized as a souvenir of the occa-

An amusing incident, not down on the programme,
occurred at this time, viz :

Everything being in readiness for the artist to per-
form his work, just as the cousins Avere putting on
their Sunday and holiday expressions of counte-


nances, some one called our president's attention to
the fact that a colored lad of some twelve summers
was occupying a prominent front seat. The genial
president remarked " This will never do " ( to have
that boy's picture). Accordingly Mr. President with
a benign countenance and a fatherly hand led the
aforesaid colored lad to the rear of the seats, and pat-
ting him on the head placed him behind a large pine
tree. It was well done. All eyes were now turned
to the camera — a very clear and excellent photograph
was obtained; but on examination it appears the
twelve-year-old had stolen from his hiding place and
taken a back seat, — while the artist captured the
woolly head with the rest of the Poor children.


The association was called to order in the audience
hall of the pavilion at 10.30 a. m. by the chairman of
executive committee, John M. Poor, of Haverhill,
President of the day, who called upon Rev. Calvin M.
Clark, pastor of the Centre church, Haverhill, to offer
prayer. ( Chaplain, Rev. Daniel W. Poor, D. D., of
Philadelphia; Alternates, Rev. A. AY. Perkins, D D.
of Worcester, Mass., Rev. AYm. G. Poor, Keene, IS".
H., of the day not being present.)

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