Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I have been bad since last Friday, my wound has been flowing constantly but today finally it has stopped so I am rendering lard again. I rendered two buckets Saturday and then couldn't do any more . After this I only have one more batch to do and then I am finished with pig fat. Fleta has posted our census and I am on it twice , once with mom and dad then down at the bottom of the page. Every 13 person was ask more question and I was no 13 but of course I was one month less than 2 years so I didn't answer questions. I just smiles my sweet smile. Virginia , Your family was still living on the smith place just past grandpa's house when the census was taken in April 1940. Truman was 26 years old and your mother was 23 years old.Jimmy was 2 and Donnie was born in Feb, 1940. Truman lists his occupation as farmer. Fleta has Jimmy's birthday falling in April, Helen said and I say he was born in March will you send me a email of your family's birthday? Grandpa list Thelma and Winnie as living at his house. I read that you listed everyone that it was their primary residency and I think because Winnie and Thelma were not married he listed that as their home. Betty and Floyd were there also but I think they did live there.


Sister--Three said...

I have Jimmy as April 13.

Donna said...

I'm glad you are feeling better.