Sunday, September 16, 2012

another day

I just love this photo of Fleta's kids. the boy is so cute the way he is looking at his sister.
now as to my blabbing about my health problems. I am sure it is fluid I have pills and need to take more and lay off the salt. I have been sick for 3 weeks, Just not my usual miserableness self. I think my heart is OK just not in the right place some times.
You noticed my sisters didn't comment about my health. They know I am old, fat and in general a mess.
a year ago last may my left leg started hurting so I couldn't move around a lot, believe it or not I have always been very active, so I sat and that along with the fact I stopped smoking again made me get bigger and I said I am a mess.
I love the rain we have been getting but I am ready for the sun to shine. My father always got very depressed in dreary weather. I used to laugh at him , he would walk the floor and cry, we are all going to die if the sun doesn't shine. Now I am just like him.
Bets garden looks really nice all neat and plowed. I feel sorry for the poor thing all those water melons since July.


Sister--Three said...

We worry about your health but prefer to always think the best. I don't think Dr.s have all the answers I think we hold the answers and often know what might help but really don't want to face those least that is the case with me. I know but choose not to do what is best for me.

Love you all dearly.

The 4th Sister said...

Well none of us commented because we are selfish and hope you live for years more....But we all know you are tired and hurt and know you are ready to go so we just be quiet. Gods will be done..

Sister--Three said...

Just think...this next year is birthday 75! Whew, that will be a great birthday and I am shooting for you to hit 80!