Sunday, September 16, 2012

wal-mart clerk

A mother who says Walmart employees intentionally humiliated her after wrongfully ripping up two of her $100 bills while believing they were fake is taking legal action against the store.
In her recently filed complaint, Julia Garcia is seeking no more than $74,900 in damages after detained for four hours before customers in San Antonio, Texas who were told she had tried to use fake money.
She was detained at the story for 4 hours waiting for the cops to show up, now really if they called right away do you think it would take 4 hours for the law to arrive. They had her stationed at the front of the store and told passerby er she used fake money. They wanted her to flee and then they would have had her 200 dollars.
One time I was at wal-marts at Branson and payed with a 100 bill, the clerk took the money and left the register , she was gone for 30 minutes. I think she thought I would leave and she would have my money but not me.
how often do we know if our money is fake or real and these clerks are banking on a person being scared and fleeing. No telling how often that trick works. 
My money came from the bank and if it was fake they were going to HEAR from me.

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Sister--Three said...

happened to me at Walmart too with a 20.