Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Bombs are falling in Iseral ... Gazans stayed up all night as Israel continued to pound the Palestinian enclave. The situation flared up when Israel and Gaza exchanged fire - which still continues now - after Israel killed Hamas military leader Ahmed Al-Jabari during an air raid on Gaza yesterday. mean while thousands of people believe our world will end on the 21th of December of this year. Thousand are planning a last party on that date. eat drink and be merry tomorrow we die. ON December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar comes to an end and so, fear some, do we. Mitt Romney is attributing his loss in the 2012 election to the “gifts” President Obama gave to minority voters, the Los Angeles Times is reporting. Speaking to donors on Wednesday, the former Massachusetts governor praised his own campaign, but speculated that Obama won because he was “very generous” to his base: I am still waiting for my gift , Mr. prez. My favorite color is blue and I don't like chocolate. CNN caught up with McGrumpy in the halls of the Senate and asked him why he did not attend the top level, classified briefing on the Benghazi incident today. McCain refused to answer and when pressed he damn near spit out his dentures ranting about being "badgered" by the reporter asking the question. John McCain is having a bad week Forget that make it a bad 10 years. Rich men voted for Romney because he promised them "stuff" like tax breaks so they can buy toys yachts and car elevators.

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Betty said...

McCain is just an angry, bitter old man.